Krishna Krishna Jewellers - Most Reliable Jewellery Shop in Panipat

Krishna Krishna Jewellers by Madhav Jethi has always been the crowning jewel of jewellery market in Panipat. We always feel that helping our customers find everything you expect in precious gold, silver and jeweled jewelry. Our reputation shines as brightly as our diamonds and our Jewellery as unique as the woman who wears it. The range of jewellery we offer is very wide, ranging from simple gold and silver jewellery to high end diamond and other priced jewels based ornaments. Visit us & See for yourself.

Krishna Krishna Jewellery Shop - The Original

A very important tip that will help ensure that you earn quite a lot of brownie points is to make sure you buy according to her taste. In order to do this; you can discuss casually about the type of angles she usually wears and how beautiful they are and whether there is something that she wishes to try out. Be subtle with the questions so that it doesn’t ruin your surprise. Women have a sixth sense in a lot of matters especially jewellery!

Gold Jewellery For Men and Women

When you buy gold bangles; make sure that you are aware of the size that your lady wears. If in doubt measure any of her old Jewellry to know what to order. So if you want to express your love; or if you want to say sorry or if it is a birthday or an anniversary present; you can never go wrong with gold Jewellry for women. It is their weak spot.

Our Jewellery masterpieces have defined style

Every woman loves bangles and other jewellry, Indian women perhaps more so. Indian weddings are incomplete without gold. The bride is not the only one seen wearing beautiful bangles of gold but the guests present too flaunt theirs with pride. Gold is a symbol of prosperity and happiness and a bride is always gifted gold jewelry by her parents for her wedding.

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